Trading of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

5 Aug 2017 17:52
Adrian Przelozny, CEO

Today we have taken the first step in implementing support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

All customers will now find that they have a ‘BCH’ account on the Accounts screen, with a balance equal to that of their Independent Reserve Bitcoin (XBT) balance as at 1st August 2017, 23:16:14 UTC +10.

We plan to enable BCH trading on Monday, the 7th of August at 15:00 UTC +10.

Please take care when placing orders as we expect initial liquidity to be low. We highly recommend using Limit Orders rather than Market orders which may execute at unexpected price points due to low liquidity on the BCH market.

BCH deposits and withdrawals will be enabled at a later date, when we are confident that they can be implemented safely, with no risk to client funds.