What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the oldest and most well known cryptocurrency, dating back to 2009. Based on the blockchain – a technology conceived in the 1990s – it was originally created by the person (or persons) known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Although it has been around since 2009, it only started receiving mainstream attention in 2016, and has been the subject of intense debate since then.

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Bitcoin Price

When most people talk about Bitcoin, they are interested in the price. While Bitcoin is simply a new asset class, it does not behave like similar asset classes when we look at the price. Bitcoin has historically been very volatile – in its early days in 2011 it crashed 94% over 5 months, requiring over a year to recover. There have since been multiple crashes, but the price always recovers to a stronger level. Interestingly, out of all of the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is technically one of the most stable.

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How to Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin through an order book exchange is easy. Once you have a verified account, simply deposit fiat funds into the exchange bank account, and create a buy order.

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Bitcoin Investing

Investing in Bitcoin is the primary way to gain exposure to the asset class. There are multiple ways to invest: personal funds, company funds, superannuation fund. For large trades, an OTC service is recommended.

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