Tax estimator - Powered by KPMG

KPMG Australia and Independent Reserve, the Australian cryptocurrency exchange has launched a new tool to help the traders of cryptocurrencies better understand their tax liabilities.

The crypto tax estimator developed by KPMG is a digital tool that plugs directly into Independent Reserve’s user interface, allowing traders to estimate tax obligations on their portfolio all with just the click of a button.

Independent Reserve & KPMG Tax Estimator from Independent Reserve on Vimeo.

The crypto tax estimator is an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables Independent Reserve to provide their users an estimate of their potential tax exposure in real-time, based on the users’ buy/sell transactions on the exchange. The tool covers all cryptocurrencies exchanged on Independent Reserve, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP.

A sample statement can be downloaded here. For more details including pricing please log in to your Independent Reserve account, go to your Accounts page, and select the Tax – Powered by KPMG tab.