Quick Brew? Bitfury's Coffee Machine Accepts Bitcoin Via Lightning Network

2 Oct 2018 08:03
Ashkhen Zakharyan

Blockchain firm Bitfury has come up with a novel product aimed at making it easier to pay for products with bitcoin.

A specialised engineering team within the company has developed a coffee vending machine capable of connecting to the Lightning Network, and as a result, the vending machine can accept bitcoin payments without charging high fees or requiring long transaction times, according to a press release. LightningPeach, the team behind the new vending machine, added a device capable of joining the network to a coffee machine that already sported some built-in smart components.

Vasyl Grygorovych, LightningPeach’s head of community, said that the team’s strategic goal is to develop a real-world infrastructure for faster bitcoin payments.

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