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In Markets You might have assumed three crypto-linked banks collapsing and the government taking aim at crypto mining would put […]


In markets Despite storm clouds gathering around Silvergate and the SEC’s increasingly hostile attitude to the sector, Bitcoin’s price action […]


In markets Investors seemed a little ambivalent this week, with Glassnode data showing that US$3.9 billion (A$5.78B) of Bitcoin flowed […]


In markets Amid the great crypto crackdown in the US, Bitcoin spiked above US$25K (A$36.2K) this week. Various theories have […]

In markets Regulatory action in the US took centre stage this week, with Bitcoin falling 4.1% to A$31,260 (US$21,755). Ethereum […]

Market Update 7 Feb 2023

In markets Crypto markets saw a boost earlier in the week after the US Federal Reserve raised rates by the […]