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Australian Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) 2024

Key highlights from the Australian IRCI 2024 95% of Australians are aware of at least one cryptocurrency (page 8) 25% […]

Media release: Aussie interest and investment in cryptogains momentum despite cost-of-living crunch

Aussies’ awareness of crypto hit a new high of 95%, as digital currencies hit the mainstream. Anticipation of the first […]


In Markets Bitcoin’s market capitalisation is back over the US$1 trillion mark (A$1.53T), and assets under management in global institutionally […]

2024-02-13 Market Update

In Markets Bitcoin broke through the US$50K (A$76.4K) mark today for the first time since December 2021. Back then, we […]

Crypto Market Update 2024-02-06-1US

In Markets Bitcoin didn’t make any major moves this week and finished down 1.8% on seven days ago at A$65,700 […]

Crypto market update 30-01-2024

In Markets With signs suggesting the great Grayscale Bitcoin Trust selloff is slowing, Bitcoin has started to recover and is […]