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AU market update 16/04/2024

In Markets Visions of a crypto-funded retirement got pushed back a little this week after the prospect of interest rate […]

Understanding order book

What is an order book? An order book is a ledger that contains all pending orders for a particular cryptocurrency. […]

Bitcoin halving rewards over time

The latest Bitcoin halving event is right around the corner, and if history and the opinions of many analysts are […]


In Markets Even after the US Government spooked markets by moving US$2 billion (A$3B) in Bitcoin confiscated from Silk Road, […]

2024-04-02-1US Market Update

In Markets Bitcoin closed out the month and the quarter above US$70K (A$107.6K) for the first time — that’s higher […]


39% view Bitcoin more favourably and 33% would invest in an overseas Bitcoin ETF offering 48% will double down on […]