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In Markets Despite Bitcoin’s 30 days volatility hitting historic lows, a wave of volatility overnight saw around A$438M (US$290 million) […]


In Markets With massive ETF inflows, Bitcoin looked like it was heading toward new all-time highs last week, but it […]


In Markets Bitcoin briefly topped the A$105.4K/US$70K mark earlier today, but is yet to convincingly break out above. We’ve been […]

Crypto Market Update 2024-05-28

In Markets The past week was arguably one of the most historic for crypto in a decade, with SkyBridge Capital’s […]

Which network are Independent Reserve’s tokens on?

For many of the most popular crypto tokens on the market, they can exist on a number of blockchains thanks […]

Comparing Australian crypto exchange fees

In this article, we’ll compare the fees charged by some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia. We’ll also examine […]