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28.8% of Australians own crypto
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Almost one in five Australians now own cryptocurrency
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Market update 20220628

In Markets Things are starting to settle down, but with the effects of various collapses, bad loans and forced selling […]

Crypto market update 20220621

In Markets Sad news this week after Bitcoin died for the 455th time. This time it’s serious however with Google […]

Market update

In Markets Bitcoin has stabilised by 4% in the past 24 hours, and finishes the week down 31% at US$22,150, or […]

IR is 9 banner

Happy 9th Birthday Independent Reserve! When we first started, Bitcoin was at $12 and Ethereum was just a twinkle in […]

Market update

In Markets Bitcoin’s longest ever losing streak ended on Sunday with the cryptocurrency finally printing its first weekly green candle […]


In Markets The good news is that the bad news has stopped, but is it a dead cat bounce or […]