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Established in 2013, Independent Reserve is New Zealand’s trusted cryptocurrency exchange.
Bitcoin: NZD 103,714.45
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Bitcoin: NZD 103,130.50
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There are multiple ways to sell

Market sell

Sell Bitcoin immediately at the current price.

Limit sell

Sell at a price you set on our order book.

OTC sell

Use our OTC desk to make large block trades and to reduce price slippage.

Auto & API sell

Automated selling of your digital assets using AutoTrader. Alternatively, trade via the API.

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  • Simple deposits and withdrawals

    Deposit and withdraw NZD using SWIFT or instantly deposit and withdraw AUD to an Australian bank account.

  • Low fees

    Trading fees start at 0.5% and go down to 0.02%. Low fees apply to instant, crypto and SWIFT withdrawals.

  • Multi-currency trading

    Buy and sell Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies with NZD, AUD, or USD.

Sell Bitcoin on the go

Buy, sell and track your cryptocurrency portfolio, anywhere and anytime with the Independent Reserve app.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Blockchain Australia Digital Exchange of The Year
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2019 Australia Winner
  • Financial Review Lists 2018 100 Fast
  • Financial Review Most Innovative Companies
  • Financial Times High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2020

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Protecting your assets is our top priority

No commingling of customer funds: we keep client assets completely separate from our own.

1:1 reserves

We maintain a full 1:1 reserve of all client fiat and crypto assets.

We hold the vast majority of crypto assets in secure offline cold storage, protected in underground vaults with maximum security.


Our books are balanced and we carry no debt on our balance sheet. We engage external auditors to undertake an annual audit of our financial statements in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards. This includes verification of all fiat and crypto balances held in custody on behalf of clients.

Segregated funds

We do not commingle customer funds. We maintain complete segregation of all client assets to ensure that when you need to make a withdrawal you can.

We keep your assets safe. That is our promise.

Sole custodian

Independent Reserve is a sole custodian of all crypto assets held on our platform. Custody is managed in Australia and we do not use any third party custodians.

We adhere to industry best practices and never lend, trade or reinvest your assets.

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What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain. Its peer-to-peer payment system lets people send money to each other without any middlemen. Bitcoin doesn't need a bank to authorise transactions. It is secured by cryptography and uses the blockchain to store and exchange funds online. The protocol is distributed across a decentralised global network of computers running Bitcoin’s open-source software.

A new kind of money

Bitcoin emerged from the ashes of the 2008 financial crash. It proposed an alternative to the current financial system at a crucial time when people had lost faith in it. Bitcoin sought to solve the trust issues money faced by creating a new monetary system that removed people from banking. Using a consensus algorithm called proof-of-work (PoW), Bitcoin can process direct transactions between people and eliminates the need for financial intermediaries. To do this, Bitcoin unveiled a new, revolutionary technology: the blockchain.

Bitcoin has given money an upgrade. Its arrival has disrupted the financial system and brought it into the modern age. Bitcoin has done for currency what email has done for sending letters. The blockchain technology that Bitcoin brought to life has provided the infrastructure for other cryptocurrencies to evolve. As the pioneer of crypto, Bitcoin has laid the foundation for an entire multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Bitcoin is King

Bitcoin (BTC) is ranked the number one cryptocurrency and has a market cap that makes up nearly half of all the capital in the market. As a scarce digital asset Bitcoin is inherently deflationary with a fixed supply of 21 million. Over ninety percent of all Bitcoin has been mined already, with the last likely to be minted by 2140, after that, no more will ever be created.

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