Independent Reserve Leveraged Trading

Trade crypto with leverage

Established in 2013 Independent Reserve is Australia’s trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

How to start leveraged trading

1. Read and study

First, read the terms and conditions and study the information on our leveraged trading blog to understand the risks and mechanisms associated with using leverage. You will need to complete the suitability test before you are allowed to begin trading with leverage.

2. Take the test

Log in to take the suitability test. You will find instructions for how to navigate and take the test when you log in. You must pass with a score of at least 80% to begin leveraged trading on Independent Reserve.

3. Start trading

After you have completed and passed the suitability test, you can start trading with leverage. Log in for access to the leveraged trading page. From here, you will have access to open, manage and close your leveraged trades.

How leveraged trading works

Leveraged trading involves trading with funds that exceed your initial capital using funds advanced to you. This allows you to trade a larger position than would be possible compared to regular trading. Using leverage magnifies your exposure to market volatility which can result in greater gains and losses.

In order to receive advanced funds from Independent Reserve, you will need to provide collateral in the form of fiat or crypto.

Once you have provided the required collateral, we will advance funds to you, in either fiat or crypto, for you to trade with.

Independent Reserve App Leveraged Trading

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