What are sub-users?

Sub-users are a way to allow other trusted parties access to your account. If you are the original account operator, you can add sub-users to your account to allow them access to perform various tasks, depending on the Role you assign to them.

What access levels are there?

Currently there are 5 different Roles to choose from when giving someone access to your account:

  • Viewer – can view account details, but cannot trade, withdraw, or make any changes to the account.
  • Trader – as “Viewer”, and can place buy and sell orders.
  • Trader with restricted withdrawals – as “Trader”, and can withdraw crypto and fiat to addresses that have been withdrawn to before.
  • Trader with withdrawals – as “Trader with restricted withdrawals”, and can add new bank accounts or crypto addresses to the address book, as well as request withdrawals to new destinations.
  • Administrator – has the same access as the original account operator, but cannot use leveraged trading, or manage PayPal or credit card deposits.

How do I add, deactivate, or manage sub-users?

Go to the Settings page, and select the “Manage users” tab. Here you can add a sub-user, and view all sub-users and deactivate as required.

What information is required to add a sub-user?

When adding a new sub-user, you will need to provide the email address and role. The sub-user will receive an email to sign up, they will need to be fully verified in the same way the original account operator was, see here for further details:

Note: Sub-users with the Viewer role are not required to upload verification documents.

Can I change the role of a sub-user?

Not at this stage, to change the role you will need to deactivate the sub-users and re-add them again. You can do this from the “Manage users” tab on the Settings screen.

How many sub-users can I create?

A personal account can have unlimited Viewer roles, one Administrator role, and one of any of the other 3 role types.

A company account can have unlimited Viewer roles, two Administrator role sub-users, and two of any of the other 3 role types.

Can I see what my sub-users have done on the account?

Yes. Go to your Settings page, and click the “Manage users” tab. Select the overflow menu (3 vertical dots) next to the sub-user, and choose “Action history”.

Is it possible to require the main account to approve withdrawal requests made by a sub-user?

Not at this stage, however this feature is on our roadmap.

You can restrict withdrawals to only whitelisted addresses or bank accounts (i.e. addresses or accounts that have been withdrawn to in the past) by assigning the “Trader with Restricted Withdrawals” role, or block them completely by assigning the “Trader” role.

Can a sub-user lock me out of my account?

No, sub-users have no control over the original account operator. However, any sub-users with the Administrator role can manage other sub-users, including other Administrator sub-users.

Can a sub-user make deposits/withdrawals from their account/wallet?

Sub-users cannot deposit from their wallet or bank account, deposits must still come from the original account operator’s bank account or crypto wallet. The same goes for withdrawals – withdrawals can only be made to the original account operator’s bank account or crypto wallet.