Bitcoin Cash is quickly approaching its second hard fork, the first being 6 months ago where the block size was increased to 32MB and some opcodes were added. While the previous hard fork was not contentious, the upcoming one appears to be causing some splits in the community. The Bitcoin ABC client development team announced their changes first. Many in the community did not agree with ABC’s direction, and so nChain (Craig Wright) announced their own new client called Bitcoin SV.

Independent Reserve will upgrade our systems to support the Bitcoin ABC client protocol. We will be disabling deposits and withdrawals for BCH prior to the fork, which should happen sometime in the early morning of 16th November (Sydney time). We will announce exact timing closer to the fork.

Any BCH left in your Independent Reserve wallet will be safe during this period, but as always – if you do not withdraw your coins to a personal wallet prior to the fork, you will not end up with coins on both sides of the fork; you will only have coins on our supported fork.

During the fork upgrade Independent Reserve will monitor the network to determine when it has completed and when the network is stable enough for us to re-enable deposits and withdrawals. We will keep you updated during the process.

If you have any questions, please use our support system to send us a message.