Mobile App FAQ

How do I create an account?
What is the ‘Default Currency’?
How do I choose my default currency?
How do I deposit via PayID/Osko?
How to deposit using a debit or credit card?
How to deposit using PayPal?
How do I deposit via EFT?
How do I deposit SGD/NZD/USD?
How do I deposit cryptocurrencies?
How do I withdraw cryptocurrencies?
How do I withdraw fiat (eg AUD/SGD/USD/NZD) into my bank account?
Wallet value and Portfolio value
Where are my small balances?
Where can I find the daily volume?
How do I place an order?
Can I place other order types?
How do I view my transaction history?
Where’s my referral code?
How do I change my app appearance?
Why do I have to login every time? Can’t the app remember my login details?
Why can't I log in?
I’m having some other issues