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Volume trading fee discounts

The volume discount trading fees will be changing on the 31st July 2022. We have reduced the trading volume required […]


What is a post-only order type? A ‘post-only’ order is a conditional limit order that serves to add liquidity to […]

How hard is it to mine bitcoin

How hard is Bitcoin mining? As the popularity of Bitcoin continues to increase, so too has interest in Bitcoin mining. […]

Why do people use bitcoin

Why do people use Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in circulation thanks to its strong fundamentals, […]

What happens to lost bitcoin

Lost Bitcoin: What happens to it & where does it go? ‘Lost’ Bitcoin refers to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency that has […]

How many Bitcoins are in circulation? It’s estimated there are  more than 18 million bitcoins currently in circulation, with just […]