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Crypto Market Update 20221018

In markets Inflation in the US rose at twice the pace forecast by economists and was up 0.4% in September […]


In Markets The S&P 500 has been on one of the longest slides in history and has dropped 24 weeks of […]

IR 1 year anniversary sg licensure

Independent Reserve is celebrating one year of being the first licensed crypto exchange for all investors. Plus, we’re running a […]


In Markets Sadly ‘Uptober‘ is in danger of being cancelled this year due to an ocean of grim economic news. […]


In Markets Crypto markets are still bearish after the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by another 75 basis points. Rates […]

how to generate an API key for Fireblocks on Independent Reserve

For Fireblocks to connect to your Independent Reserve account, you will need to generate an API key with the Full […]