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28.8% of Australians own crypto
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Almost one in five Australians now own cryptocurrency
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We are listing The Sandbox (SAND) We are excited to announce that we will be listing The Sandbox (SAND) on […]


In Markets Bitcoin has seen four red candles in a row on the weekly chart for the first time since […]


In Markets In the absence of a clear overall bullish or bearish narrative driving the Bitcoin price firmly up or […]


In Markets In crypto’s ongoing game of snakes and ladders, we’ve just hit a ladder, with Bitcoin down 8% in […]


In Markets After a shaky first quarter, Bitcoin hit a new high for the year on March 29 around AU$65.6K. […]


We are listing Decentraland (MANA) We are excited to announce that we will be listing Decentraland (MANA) on our exchange. […]