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Comparing Australian crypto exchange fees

In this article, we’ll compare the fees charged by some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia. We’ll also examine […]

In Markets Crypto markets surged this morning after reports the SEC may actually approve an Ether ETF this week. At […]

14-05-2024 market update

In Markets It was a choppy week for Bitcoin, with the Orange Coin trading between A$97.2K (USD$64K) and A$91.4K (US$60K), […]


In Markets After a dismal few days in which Bitcoin plunged to A$87.5K (US$56.8K) as flows to the Bitcoin ETFs […]

Market Update 30/04/2024

In Markets A renewed assault on crypto by US authorities has seen markets flag, and April’s negative return is on […]

Crypto prices 2024-04-23-1US

In Markets This week saw another mini crypto crash, with Bitcoin dropping to around A$94K (US$60K) as Israel struck back […]