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Bitcoin halving rewards over time

The latest Bitcoin halving event is right around the corner, and if history and the opinions of many analysts are […]


39% view Bitcoin more favourably and 33% would invest in an overseas Bitcoin ETF offering 48% will double down on […]

Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) Singapore 2024

IRCI Singapore highlights and key stats 89% of Singaporeans are aware of at least one cryptocurrency 40% of Singaporean investors […]

2024 Bitcoin price predictions

Skip to: Factors that influence Bitcoin’s price Bitcoin’s historical price trends 2024 Bitcoin price predictions 2025 Bitcoin price predictions 2030 […]

Australian Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) 2024

Key highlights from the Australian IRCI 2024 95% of Australians are aware of at least one cryptocurrency (page 8) 25% […]

Media release: Aussie interest and investment in cryptogains momentum despite cost-of-living crunch

Aussies’ awareness of crypto hit a new high of 95%, as digital currencies hit the mainstream. Anticipation of the first […]