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In Markets After a shaky first quarter, Bitcoin hit a new high for the year on March 29 around AU$65.6K. […]

Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) Singapore 2021

Singapore is a role model for cryptocurrency adoption both regionally and globally. The index sits at 63. What is the […]


Introduction If you’re paying attention, Bitcoin is everywhere. It’s in the news, it’s on television, it’s being talked about on […]

Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index IRCI 2020

Australia’s awareness and adoption of crypto lifts during a quiet bullrun overshadowed by a pandemic and global politics. The index […]

Press Release

More than 50% of Australian under the age 40 will own crypto in 5 years The launch of the inaugural […]

IRCI Cryptocurrency Index 2019

Australians are optimistic about the future of crypto. Index sits at 42. What is the IRCI? A first in Australia, […]