How to withdraw Cardano (ADA) using your browser

1. Log into your Independent Reserve account and select Accounts in the navigation menu.

2. Navigate to the Accounts section and click the withdraw link in line with ADA (Cardano).

Withdraw ADA Cardano

3. You will be navigated to the Cardano Withdrawal screen. Your Available (ADA) balance will display at the top.

4. Enter the amount of ADA you would like to withdraw in the Amount (ADA) field.

> There is a minimum withdrawal of 1 ADA
> A fee of 0.5 ADA will apply.
> Cardano withdrawals are not reversible once executed

5. Paste the Destination Address in the corresponding box. Be sure that this is a trusted destination and that it has been entered correctly. 

6. Confirm you have read the Terms & Conditions and our guide to spotting potential scams.

7. Click Withdraw once the details of the transaction have been filled in and you have ensured the details are correct.

8. A confirmation window will appear with the details of the transaction and will require you to enter your 2FA or password.

9. Once your Cardano has been withdrawn, your funds will no longer appear in your Account Balance.

Note: The transfer will need to be confirmed by the network first to then become available in the new destination wallet address.

10. As soon as the required confirmations on the blockchain are reached, the ADA should be available for use on your destination wallet.  Note that the number of confirmations required is specific to your destination wallet, you will need to consult their support documentation for details.

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