Independent Reserve is proud to be based in Sydney and recognises the city’s deep passion for the arts and adventurous ideas. Its partnership with Sydney Festival reflects these values. Sydney Festival is a celebration of contemporary culture, art and performances which takes place in January each year.

This year, the festival pays tribute to the underappreciated heroes of space travel in the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Sydney Festival has commissioned artworks around Barangaroo as part of the city-wide commemoration of Apollo 11, namely 11 larger than life astronauts scattered throughout Barangaroo.

Left to right: COO Lasanka Perera, CEO Adrian Przelozny and CTO Roman Stefanidi

Independent Reserve is a proud sponsor of three of these astronauts. The astronauts represent the individuals who contributed to space travel in meaningful ways yet, for one reason or another, are under-appreciated. Similar to our mission of creating a healthy space for cryptocurrency growth, the ‘Apollo 11’ astronauts were committed to the advancement of a new technological space.

Here are the 3 figures sponsored by Independent Reserve:

Michael Collins. The 1969 space mission caused Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to become household names, but often forgotten is the third man on the mission; Michael Collins. Michael oversaw control of the larger command module Columbia while his two comrades were dispatched to the moon’s surface. Despite being cut-off from the others, he describes the venture as “structured for three men” with his “third as necessary as either of the other two.”

Jennifer Heldmenn is an academic researcher contributing greatly to our understanding on climate, geology and life on Mars. Jennifer is a reminder that not all contributions need to be picturesque; a lot of research goes on behind the scenes to give us the pictures of the moon we love seeing. Heldmann is currently involved in planning for future expeditions to Mars by both robots and humans!

Valeri Polakov is the man who spent 437 days in space to see if humans could handle space psychologically and physiologically. A record holder for the longest time spent in space on a single mission, Valeri is a reminder on how sacrifice and risk is an essential part of progress.

The stories of these astronauts are fascinating to us and the team at Independent Reserve deeply admires their commitment, passion and adventurous spirit and we endeavour to imbue our work with the same level of excellence.

Sydney Festival runs until January 27 – make sure to take a picture with one of the astronauts and share it with us on social media!