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Blogs, news and announcements

Highlights 2018

As we approach the end of 2018, we thought it perfect timing to share highlights and some of our favourite […]

Market Update

At this stage, the odds of enjoying a Santa rally before the year’s out look slim. Trump continues to play […]

BCH re-enabled

Independent Reserve has now re-enabled BCH deposits and withdrawals. As mentioned in previous announcements, for now we are only supporting […]

Market Update

Welcome back traders. It’s been another rough week in the trenches for crypto holders. The 20-25% drop, as bad as […]

IR Ventures

Independent Reserve, the largest Australian cryptocurrency exchange, has today announced the launch of a blockchain innovation hub and coworking space […]

BCH Fork Update

We have been closely watching the BCH landscape, both in how the two blockchains are developing, and how the community […]