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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Based on the famous Shibu Inu “doge” meme, the world’s first meme coin is easily recognised, even by those outside the crypto space. Dogecoin’s unexpected rise to fame catapulted it into the top ten digital currencies by market cap. It can be used as a form of payment in the real world and online with businesses that accept Dogecoin.

The native cryptocurrency of the Dogecoin network is DOGE. Its supply is designed to go up to encourage people to spend it and avoid hoarding. DOGE is highly used for online transactions and is the most frequently traded cryptocurrency. You can purchase DOGE on many cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Independent Reserve, the trusted exchange.

A fun and light-hearted cryptocurrency

Dogecoin is different from other cryptocurrencies. Its developers never imagined that it would ever be taken seriously. Therefore, it does not even have a whitepaper, as many other crypto projects do. Dogecoin’s light-hearted nature makes it an accessible and beginner-friendly option for those intimidated by the complexities of the crypto market. Its loveable appeal has helped DOGE gain a large following and become a widely adopted digital asset. The Dogecoin community has a loyal user base who call themselves the “DogeArmy”.

Dogecoin is also known for its unique supply. When it started, it had a hard cap of 100 billion. The founders decided to remove the supply limit, creating an incentive to keep spending DOGE. In turn, Dogecoin didn’t see the same growth in value as Bitcoin, although its price has remained somewhat consistent.

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No commingling of customer funds: we keep client assets completely separate from our own.
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1:1 reserves

We maintain a full 1:1 reserve of all client fiat and crypto assets.

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Our books are balanced and we carry no debt on our balance sheet. We engage external auditors to undertake an annual audit of our financial statements in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards. This includes verification of all fiat and crypto balances held in custody on behalf of clients.

Segregated funds

Segregated funds

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Sole custodian

Sole custodian

Independent Reserve is a sole custodian of all crypto assets held on our platform. Custody is managed in Australia and we do not use any third party custodians.

We adhere to industry best practices and never lend, trade or reinvest your assets.

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Our over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk offers deeper liquidity and a private, more personalised service for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals who need to fill large orders that might be too price-disruptive on open markets at exchanges.

Whether you are looking to trade Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies OTC from $50,000 to $50 million, our industry-leading desk will provide you with seamless trade execution and settlement services that are discreet, secure and ultra-competitive.

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