How does AutoTrader work?

27 Oct 2019 15:00
Independent Reserve Team


AutoTrader is a unique system developed by Independent Reserve that allows customers to create various automated trading strategies.


AutoTrader currently has one strategy that can be created, but we have plans on adding more in the coming months. Click the strategy link for detailed instructions on how to create and use the strategy.

  • AutoBuy - A strategy to automatically buy crypto when a deposit is credited to your account.


To see strategy specific FAQs, please see the strategy specific pages above.

Do strategies expire?

No. A strategy will exist in perpetuity until disabled or deleted by you.

I have a great idea for a strategy!

OK, get in touch by sending us a Support message. We can't promise to implement every idea, but we're happy to hear your suggestions about what would make this system even better.

Do I have to pay a fee for using AutoTrader?

Standard brokerage fees apply to any trades made, but there are currently no extra fees to use an AutoTrader strategy.