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In Markets Crypto spring has returned with 11 straight days of inflows into the Bitcoin ETFs, this week’s scheduled launch […]


In Markets Bearish sentiment caused by the great German Bitcoin selloff and Mt Gox repayments has abated. The catalyst appears […]


In Markets The bull market appears to have been temporarily suspended due to the prospect of large amounts of Bitcoin […]


In Markets After dropping below A$89K (US$59K) in the wake of the Mt Gox repayments news, Bitcoin has recently staged […]


In Markets Bitcoin spent most of the week trading slowly down from A$100.6K (US$66.3) to A$97K (US$64K) before taking the […]


In Markets Despite Bitcoin’s 30 days volatility hitting historic lows, a wave of volatility overnight saw around A$438M (US$290 million) […]