Today is Independent Reserve’s 6th anniversary.

When Independent Reserve was launched in 2013, the team set out to provide the best platform for Australians to securely trade and hold cryptocurrencies. Over the last 6 years, the team has enabled over 100,000 clients to invest in cryptocurrencies with strong confidence through our approach and expertise.

Throughout the journey, we’ve kept our focus on creating a customer-centric business which seeks to give customers what they want at scale. We believe this is crucial for the business to be market leading and sustainable.

Since Independent Reserve’s inception, the company has stayed busy working with regulators and building out custody solutions. The exchange now lists 13 currencies on the platform, up from only three last year. We have launched a tax tool co-developed with KPMG to help our customers easily estimate their tax obligations. Additionally, we became the first crypto exchange in Australia to be insured by a leading global underwriter. As we move ahead, we will continue to build tools to enhance the trading experience on the platform.

It’s been amazing to see the Australian ecosystem grow. As a country, we punch above our weight in the understanding and adoption of blockchain and digital currencies. This year, we have opened the doors to IR Ventures because we feel a deep responsibility to help accelerate blockchain innovation in the country. We want to continue ensuring that the footprint of blockchain innovators across the country is recognised and continue to spur on the adoption of digital currencies.

We look ahead with excitement and want to take this opportunity to thank the family and friends who have contributed to our growth. We hope to bring many more along the journey forward with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Regards, Adrian Przelozny, CEO